Azotel has been supporting operators since October 2002 and has established
itself since then as the world leader in subscriber management, service
provisioning, business automation and core networks solutions for
broadband operators.
Azotel differentiates itself by offering a single platform, used across all
operator departments i.e. CRM, dispatch, installation, service provisioning,
accounts, banking, help desk, network monitoring, inventory, marketing and
This significantly reduces costs, while increasing efficiencies. Reducing the
number of software platforms that you require to one, eradicates the need
for replicating subscriber data. All departments have controlled and easy
access to the latest information about your customers – in real time.

The client-server architecture ensures that minimal hardware is required to be deployed in the
field – requiring minimal maintenance, which in turn enables you to deliver
high reliability (5 nines) – even in remote network deployments.