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Canopy and PTP Repairs

Canopy Repair Rates:     

  • $ 160 for an APs or BHs (any frequency, any version)
  • $   90 for SMs
  • $ 275 for CMMs
  • $ 325 for Motorola / Orthogon PTP

Unrepairable units are always NO CHARGE.

    Repair times are typically 7 to 10 days, frequently less.  PDMNet also offers emergency repairs for an additional fee.  A Repair Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number is assigned to each shipment for tracking.  PDMNet uses a simple information form where a WISP can describe the condition of each module in the shipment to be serviced.

    Each unit goes through extensive real world testing and evaluation throughout the repair process to ensure that what a WISP receives is entirely “field ready”.  Maximum data upload/download, firmware upgrades, extended cable loss tolerance, power/voltage tolerance, Ethernet, GPS timing circuit and FPGA/CPU/DSP interface testing are all standard on PDMNet repairs.   Every issue repaired on every unit carries a 1-year warranty.

Please email RMA request forms to:

-Download RMA Forms-

Excel Spreadsheet


please email RMA request to: