The High Cost of Low Cost Repairs

The HIGH cost of low cost Canopy Repairs.


We all face it. The question of whether to pay to fix a broken Canopy SM or just toss it. With the cost of most SMs hovering around the $ 200 mark for a brand new unit, does it make sense to repair them? Yes…but the repair better be reliable! We have to justify it to ourselves, so we naturally would be tempted to look for the cheapest way to get it done.


OK, let’s define “cheapest”. What is the true cost of a repair and redeployment?

  • The obvious cost of the repair itself. Prices range from $ 75 to $ 135, for an SM repair, depending on who does the work.

  • The cost of integrating it back into your network. An installer or technician will spend his time doing a “truck roll”.

  • The cost of someone in the office to make sure the radio is working correctly, perhaps putting the MAC address into a control program (BAM/Prism, PowerCode, etc.).


The true costs may be higher than you thought !!


Now, what happens if the repair is not up to par? You have to deal with the customer problem, another truck roll, perhaps a mark on your company’s reputation, and more office time, etc. Very quickly, your decision to redeploy repaired SMs can leave you feeling frustrated. So, is going the cheapest route to repairs worth it?


The source of your frustration is likely your choice of Canopy Repair facilities! We hear it time after time, and this very issue is the reason why PDMNet has become the leader in customer satisfaction.


PDMNet has been a Canopy WISP since 2002, after graduating from 4 years of Breezecom equipment. Simply put... WE KNOW CANOPY!!! A few years back, PDMNet had become frustrated, (to say the least) with the repair houses. We had tried them all... big expensive companies with fancy websites, to low-budget shops. We experienced very disappointing results and poor consistency. It seemed that the repairs really weren’t tested adequately to be reliable and re-deployable.


Since there were no schematics available from Motorola, PDMNet “went on a mission” to build them from scratch and to acquire the knowledge to repair the radios ourselves. We invested heavily in training for our technicians on the type of specific circuits and components used in Canopy. Next, we developed highly customized analysis software and processes for both pre-testing and post- testing for a high volume of repairs. This is the key that makes PDMNet repairs successful, reliable and unmatched by our competitors.


YES ! When you have a refined, mature process that is designed to give the very highest probability of success, it does indeed make sense to repair!


We are a WISP, we know WISP issues, and we want YOUR WISP to be successful!! When you consider all the variables, PDMNet is clearly the most cost-effective solution for your Canopy repairs!