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Image Stream

Whether you build security appliances, routers, telecom switches,
test solutions, satellite equipment, or military communications systems,
ImageStream offers a complete menu of hardware, software, and
integration services to support the needs of developers in multiple markets.
 - Hardware
ImageStream supplies developers with commodity hardware including
WAN cards, LAN cards, chassis, backplanes, single board computers,
flash components, and complete commodity router and switch platforms.
 - Software
ImageStream supports Windows, FreeBSD, NetBSD, VxWorks,
Solaris on Intel, Solaris on SPARC, Linux on PowerPC, and Linux on Intel.
 - Component Technology
ImageStream's core technology is the Inetics™ Driver
Component Architecture (IDCA) for Linux. IDCA provides a scalable development
environment that includes WAN protocol support for PPP, HDLC, frame relay,
ATM, X.25, ASCII and raw IP.